Project Management Made Easy!

TaskAdministrator© is an easy to use web based project & task management system.

Project Life Cycle

A team of people can easily interact among a set of tasks whether it's managing bugs or developing new features of a product. All submitted tasks are automatically tracked from inception through completion, with confirmation QA process included.

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Key Features

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Tasks/Bug submissions per Project
  • Unlimited update history capturing per task.
  • Unlimited team members per project
  • Automatic Notifications
    • Task creator is notified upon task completion for QA. Can either close or reinstate task if not completed correctly.
    • Task asignnee is notified of new tasks or if tasks did not pass QA.
    • Task asignee is notified when task is closed by QA.
  • Attachments at the project level, task level, and task update level
  • Multiple views of projet tasks: All Tasks, birds eye summary, tasks grouped by designee
  • AutoPriori™ - Automatic assignment of priority based on task estimated duration & due date.
  • Complete Internet based
  • Immediately ready to use; no setup necessary
See the Help Screen for some descriptive screen shots.