5/11/2010 - Minor Bugs Revisions
  • correctly assigns default password when inviting a new user to a project
  • login from the home page now directs to the projects page instead of back to the home page
  • and other minor bugs...
2/21/2010 - Project Summary now provides quick access to tasks
Project summary view now provides quick links to tasks for each user and for each status. These links are very useful as you can quickly jump to, for example, the pending tasks for a particular user or the completed tasks of all users to verify and close them.

2/21/2010 - File Upload Support
Files can now be uploaded at three distinct times:
  • When Creating a Task
  • When Updating a Task (file becomes part of the update)
  • When viewing a task, you can simply use the attach file button (file becomes part of the overall task)
2/4/2010 - 2/4/2010 - Calendar is Now OnLine
Calendar view allows you to see a birds eye view of tasks and on their respective due dates. You can optionally include tasks from multiple projects. Automatic color coding is applied to each project so the respective task on the calendar can easily be associated.
Calendar View Screenshot
2/3/2010 - General Updates
  • When updating a task and marking it completed or closed, the user is redirect back to the project task list instead of the task itself.
  • When on any of the project related screens, e.g. Task view or team view, etc. You can quickly jump to another view with a keyboard shortcut:
    • ALT-1 - Project Summary View
    • ALT-2 - Project Grouped Tasks View
    • ALT-3 - Project All Tasks View
    • ALT-4 - Project Team View
2/2/2010 - New Release Bug Fixes
The following issues were confirmed to work effectively:
  • Projects can only be deleted by the project owner
  • Tasks can only be deleted by the task owner or project owner.
  • Any member of the team can post an update to the task, however only the task designee, task owner, or project owner can change the status of the task.
  • Task or project owners can now edit the original task details.
2/1/2010 - Full New Release

This release completely overhauls the technolgy and under pinnings of the original TaskAdministrator allowing for scalability as well as more advanced features such as attachments with task updates.